Thank you for visiting the official website of Jose Salvador, musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Barcelona. Here you can find information about the hard rock project and band SIXSTRINGS, in which the guitar is defined as the central axis of his creations. SIXSTRINGS is not just music, it is a way of observing the world through an instrument. Welcome!!

Electronic Press Kit

Download here our EPK in english

Descarga aquí nuestro kit de prensa en español

Interview in ‘Power Magazine’ #6 by TheMetalCircus.com

Check the interview made to the band on the #6 issue of this international metal magazine feat. Trivium on its cover!

SIXSTRINGS launches new official video for ‘Living Out of Time’ 

From the 2020 EP ‘A New Awakening’, the band has released a new video directed by the prestigious film maker Henry Menacho Sangama. The sadistic bloody manager betrays the band killing the three members in a confusing and chaotic night of party, but was it real? Discover the outcome of the story in the video!

‘Living Out of Time’ – Official Video


SIXSTRINGS playing live at BoeSessions!

The band has recorded two live songs inside the BoeSessions available on Facebook and Youtube. The song ‘Easy Rider’ from the first album ‘Cries of the Soul’ (2019) and ‘My Kinda Girl’ a cover of a great song by the supergroup ‘Chickenfoot’ (Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith) Enjoy!

‘Easy Rider’ – Sixstrings 


‘My Kinda Girl’ – Chickenfoot Cover


It is also featured an exclusive acoustic cover of the song ‘Stars’ by the great rock band Sixx:A.M.


‘Stars’ – Sixx:A.M. Acoustic Cover


‘Mistery of Life’ new chill-out style official video 

On April 19 the band realeased the new conceptual video of an instrumental song from the first album ‘Cries of the Soul’ (2019) Showing some allegories one can travel around some interesting concepts as the music guides through the process. Have a relaxed day and listen to this amazing song!



New EP ‘A NEW AWAKENING’ coming on 30 october 2020!

SIXSTRINGS has the pleasure to announce the new EP recorded during the pandemic year of 2020. The band has recorded five exclusive tracks that you can find on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Youtube etc. You can direct download ‘A New Awakening’ on AMAZON or clicking here.




You can also find the first album CRIES OF THE SOUL on AMAZON or clicking here


Exclusive Live Concert Summer 2020!

SIXSTRINGS will be performing live in Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona), on Sunday 16th at 18:00 h. in Can Besora School. The band is featured on the Summer 2020 special events program of the city and will be playing the songs of the album CRIES OF THE SOUL that you can buy on AMAZON or clicking here. Don’t miss it!


SIXSTRINGS interview and live performing on the radio! 

On February 11, the band was interviewed at Ràdio Sant Cugat, connected with Ràdio Ciutat de Badalona, La Municipal de Terrassa, Ràdio Sabadell, Ràdio Castellar and El Prat Ràdio, covering a huge extension of Barcelona’s metropolitan area. Here are some pictures and a short clip of the performance of ‘Steppenwolf’, an acoustic song from the first album ‘Cries of the Soul’.



New interview published on Fireworks Rock&Metal Magazine issue 88 of autumn 2019

Jose Salvador was interviewed on the autumn issue of Fireworks Magazine, a journal specialized in hard rock, AOR and melodic rock from United Kingdom. On this interesting interview you can find amazing things and curiosities of the creator of the project Sixstrings, have a further look into his persona, the ideas beyond his debut album ‘Cries of the Soul’ released on January 2019, and the ideas to hit the road with the full band on 2020.

On the gallery below you can have acces to the whole interview. Enjoy!

Also, you can download the PDF version of the interview here! 


You can check Fireworks Magazine website here


Exclusive performances from the album ‘Cries Of The Soul’



‘Rainbows All Over Your Blues’ 

Discover the new album here, find it on Youtube, Spotify and main streaming platorms!


Sixstrings featured on Powerplay Magazine issue 218 of April 2019

‘Cries Of The Soul’ album has been reviewed and featured on Powerplay Magazine issue 218, a prestigious journal from United Kingdom. You can check the website here

Videos of the last show with Rock On!! (March 22nd 2019)

Eruption Guitar Solo Live by Jozzy Sixstrings!!


Black Sabbath Cover – Paranoid Live!!


Discover the new album ‘Cries Of The Soul’ on YouTube!

Debut album released on January 15, 2019 available on Amazon, YouTube and Spotify, and for direct download on this link


New album «Cries Of The Soul» on sale now!

Discover the new Sixstrings – Cries Of The Soul album available on January 15, 2019 for digital download through this website, iTunes and major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Youtube. This debut album includes 13 songs with styles ranging from heavy metal and hard rock, to new age sounds, acoustic and progressive rock. 

Discover the new album here

New song ‘Tuttle’s Reel’ – [Official Video]

We already have the first official video with the preview of the new song of the next album.


Eruption – Eddie Van Halen Cover

New version of Eddie Van Halen’s mythical guitar solo appeared on the debut album Van Halen I (1978)