Thank you for visiting the official website of José Salvador -Jozzy Sixstrings- musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Barcelona. Here you can find information about the hard rock project ‘SixStrings’, in which the guitar is defined as the central axis of his creations. SixStrings is not just music, it is a way of observing the world through an instrument. Welcome to SixStrings!


Exclusive performances from the album ‘Cries Of The Soul’



‘Rainbows All Over Your Blues’ 

Discover the new album here find it on Youtube, Spotify and main streaming platorms!


Sixstrings featured on Powerplay Magazine issue 218 of April 2019

‘Cries Of The Soul’ album has been reviewed and featured on Powerplay Magazine issue 218, a prestigious journal from United Kingdom. You can check the website here


Videos of the last show with Rock On!! (March 22nd 2019)

Eruption Guitar Solo Live by Jozzy Sixstrings!!


Black Sabbath Cover – Paranoid Live!!


Discover the new album ‘Cries Of The Soul’ on YouTube!

Debut album released on January 15, 2019 available on YouTube and Spotify, and for direct download here


New album «Cries Of The Soul» on sale now!

Discover the new Sixstrings – Cries Of The Soul album available on January 15, 2019 for digital download through this website, iTunes and major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Youtube. This debut album includes 13 songs with styles ranging from heavy metal and hard rock, to new age sounds, acoustic and progressive rock. 

Discover the new album here

New song ‘Tuttle’s Reel’ – [Official Video]

We already have the first official video with the preview of the new song of the next album.


Eruption – Eddie Van Halen Cover

New version of Eddie Van Halen’s mythical guitar solo appeared on the debut album Van Halen I (1978)