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On Youtube since 2009, making music and playing songs of some of his influences. You can also access the channel at the next button:

Youtube Channel


Exclusive performances from the album ‘Cries Of The Soul’



‘Rainbows All Over Your Blues’ 


New album ‘Cries Of The Soul’


‘Tuttle’s Reel’ – [Official Video] from the new album ‘Cries Of The Soul’


Eruption Guitar Solo Live by Jozzy Sixstrings!!


Black Sabbath Cover – Paranoid Live with Rock On!!


Acoustic Cover – Game Of Thrones Soundtrack!


Eruption – Eddie Van Halen Cover


Luar Na Lubre – O Son Do Ar (Mike Oldfield – The Song Of The Sun) Acoustic Cover


Little Wing – Jimmy Hendrix Cover


No Boundaries – Michael Angelo Batio Cover


Pachelbel’s Canon in Electric Guitar